CLEARFIELD® Designated Varieties of Lentils

Pulse USA is very honored to have been awarded the marketing rights to all CLEARFIELD® designated varieties of lentils here in the US by BASF and the Crop Development Centre (CDC). CLEARFIELD (CL) designated varieties have bred-in tolerance (non-GMO) to Beyond ®herbicide (imidazolinone chemistry). The primary benefits of the CLEARFIELD ® Production System are better weed control and fewer trips across the field. Although not a bullet-proof program (nothing is), overall weed control has been so vastly improved by this system in western Canada that in the short time they've been available, CLEARFIELD ® lentil varieties now occupy the majority of the acres there. An early preplant application of Prowle H20 is recommended where ALS-resistant weeds are a concern. Growers who quit lentils out of frustrations with weed control may now have good reason to give the crop another try. In order to protect this technology, and more importantly, in order to encourage future developmental investments in pulse crops, CL lentil seed can only be sold as a class of certified seed, and growers will be asked to sign a CLEARFIELD ® Lentil Stewardship Grower Agreement that will help assure the system's long-term sustainability. Please contact you local Pulse USA affiliate or the Pulse USA office directly for details. Initial supplies of two new CLEARFIELD ® varieties, CDC Impala CL and CDC Impress CL will be limited relative to the pent-up demand for this much-anticipated launch. Read more about them in the following section. And please make timely commitments and exercise patience as we move forward together in rolling out this exciting new opportunity.

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