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Pulse USA isn't simply a seed company - it is a way of doing business.

With a highly qualified sales team to serve you, Pulse USA is equipped to help you with your seed buying decisions.

When you purchase seed and inoculant products from Pulse USA, you not only receive quality products, but also the knowledge and experience of years of growing legumes in the Upper Midwest.

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Why Choose Pulse USA?

Whether you are a returning or newly inquiring customer of Pulse USA, we value the opportunity to introduce our business to you. We have a wide array of seed and product options but what we value most is the relationships we build with each of our customers. If you are interested in learning more about our company, the products we offer, the way we're revolutionizing the pulse and cover crop industry or anything in-between; we are happy to discuss them with you. We can discuss tirelessly about the reasons to work with our company but what better way to help make those decisions then by hearing it straight from our seed dealers and growers in which we've built those strong relationships with? We appreciate that you're visiting our website and that you are interested in our company. And we look forward to earning the opportunity to work with you so that one day you could be added to our testimonial page as well.


“Along with having a wonderful variety of high-quality seed, Pulse USA has great staff to work with. They are full of knowledge, helpful, resourceful, and happy to help you pick out or create your own custom wildlife mix.”

Darcy Fettig, Bismarck, ND

“The staff at Pulse USA does more than just sell me seed. They take the time to assist you in finding the right solution for your specific needs. They’re willing to go the extra mile in comparing products for me so that I can feel confident in my buying decisions. I highly recommend working with their knowledgeable and friendly staff!”

Alvin Braun, Bismarck, ND Farmer

“This is my first-time planting alfalfa. I choose the Rugged Alfalfa for grazing our cattle knowing that we had saline issues with the pasture and on average receive very little rainfall. We are happy with how it’s performing for grazing cattle in the first year with almost no rainfall.”

Willie Kist, Rancher Mandan, ND

“I like the fact the Super Sugar is a fine stemmed super leafy plant that works well for me in a two-cut system providing excellent tonnage and fast dry down in the windrow.”

Dustin Frey of Frey Angus Ranch, Granville, ND

“I have been nothing but impressed with the staff at Pulse USA and the knowledge with which they put forth the quality products that I have purchased from them. Emily has proven that her expertise and follow-through means that I can put my trust in her and know that she will provide me with the necessary products to meet my needs. The trusting relationship I have built with their team ultimately saves me time which is a valuable resource in my company. The Pulse USA Icicle Forage peas have replaced the Austrian Winter and Whistler Winter peas in our lineup. They are an excellent quality pea that produces more biomass and they cost less which means we can save our customers money without sacrificing quality.”

Carl Coleman of Little Mill Seed, Dillon, SC

“Working with Pulse USA has broadened our portfolio allowing our growers to have access to quality cover crops that help optimize their soil conditions and soil health. They are outstanding to work with and have top quality products.”

Blake Bossingham of Crop Care, LLC, Montpelier, ND

"Super company! Kim at Pulse worked with me to develop a custom grazing mix with soil building as the primary goal, they help me utilize existing seed that I had and even figured mix ratios for me to follow as I added my seed to theirs. Great germination and a huge biomass! I’ll be buying my seed from them again."

Steve Hill of Sunny Hill Ranch, Montana Creek, Alaska

“Working with Pulse USA as our supplier of various cover crops for our aerial seeding / spreading business has been phenomenal! They fulfill all of our orders in a very timely fashion so we can keep our planes rolling. They always understand the last minute and the, ‘I need it yesterday orders.’ Big thank you to Pulse!”

Jaden Schneider of Schneider Ag Rugby, ND

“I have never been associated with a company like Pulse USA that strives to ensure my success. The people at Pulse USA are just as valuable as the products they offer.”

Steve Tucker; Pulse USA Seed Grower Venango, NE

“Pulse USA exceeds my delivery expectations with often same-day service. Their customer service goes above and beyond.”

Jamie Schurhamer of Hefty Seed Wilton, ND

“The sales staff and warehouse crew, at Pulse USA, are very knowledgeable and efficient. Last minute orders and filled and delivered promptly!”

Mark Becker; Pulse USA Seed Grower McHenry, ND

“Pulse USA is one of the best seed companies we work with! They get a five-star rating from me! They are a great crew.”

Steve Lange of Rupp Seeds Wausseon, OH

“It is so nice to do business with a seed provider like Pulse USA, that is concerned with building my soil health for sustainability, and improving my farm and its profitability! What other seed provider do you know that spends its time and resources to provide you with options to enhance and address your soil and fertility to improve your legacy…the land!”

Blaine Schmaltz; Pulse USA Seed Grower Rugby, ND

“I really like the early order discounts that they offer on their forage crops. And the pay when you pick up option that Pulse USA offers on their seed.”

Casey Schlosser; Farmer McKenzie, ND

“One product we use a lot is the Tag Team Granular. We really like it; it’s very convenient for us. And we’ve gotten great response with it for our soil type!”

Scott Glasscock; Pulse USA Seed Grower Angela, MT

“We have always had prompt service on deliveries from Pulse USA. Their accounting department is a pleasure to work with as well. At times I have not been prompt enough at getting purchase orders to them so they can be assigned to our orders, but Renae works patiently with me and has always been receptive to adding our PO’s.”

Mark Kilwein of Helena Agri-Enterprises, LLC New England, ND