LCS Iguacu

LCS Iguacu has one of the best disease packages of the LCS lineup, because it was originally developed intense disease conditions in South America. Although it was developed in South America it has adapted very well to the Northern Plains. LCS Iguacu is targeted for high management, and when managed properly it will provide an exceptional yield and test weight. It has shown to be beneficial when it’s planted in slightly higher planting populations; about 1.2-1.5 million plants/acre. This is a variety that you need to feed with more nitrogen than your average HRSW because of its very high yield potential.  If you take a pre-plant soil test you should apply at least 30 pounds/acre over the normal recommendations. LCS Iguacu’s excellent straw strength makes it a perfect high management wheat.

Additional Information about LCS Iguacu:

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