Unauthorized Propagation Prohibited – PVPA 1994 Title V – U.S. Protected Variety

To be sold by variety name only as a class of certified seed.

Korando is a high yielding yellow pea that will become the new standard for yellow field pea growers in Montana and the western Dakotas. Although, Korando is not quite as smooth or round as DS-Admiral; it is perfectly acceptable quality for elevators and processors making bulk shipments and fulfilling food-aid program orders (Food For Peace). Korando is one of the earliest varieties to flower, while maturing at about the same pace as most other yellow pea varieties. This is a unique quality and gives it one of the longest bloom durations available, which in turn generates extreme standability and broad adaptation. The early flowering also helps to avoid unseasonably early heat, which is a plus for western territories. The long bloom duration can help make up for lost ground if conditions improve subsequently, such as a timely rain, and then produce high yields.



Seed Size: Medium to large
Physiological Maturity: Early
Standability: Good