SW Midas

Unauthorized Propagation Prohibited – PVPA 1994 Title V – U.S. Protected Variety

To be sold by variety name only as a class of certified seed.

SW Midas has an extremely durable seed coat – one of its greatest strengths, and improved powdery mildew resistance. SW Midas’s uniform, smooth round seed makes it desirable to the food processing channels. Like DS-Admiral, SW Midas is broadly adapted from East to West, North to South, and high to lower yielding environments. Midas has developed its largest fan base in the southern and western growing regions. SW Midas was among the highest yielding yellow peas through variety trial testing done at the 2013 Carrington NDSU Research Station, and came in 5.5 bushels/acre above the trial mean average!

Seed Size: Medium and slightly smaller than DS-Admiral
Physiological Maturity: Early to Medium, a couple days earlier than DS-Admiral
Standability: Very Good