Unauthorized Propagation Prohibited – PVPA 1994 Title V – U.S. Protected Variety

To be sold by variety name only as a class of certified seed.


DS-Admiral is the pea that processors ask for by name. It combines a sound disease package, competitive yields, standability, and processor-preferred characteristics. A uniform, very round seed and low green count make DS-Admiral the most highly sought after variety by processors.  The combination of those characteristics make it the most tried and true yellow variety in the industry. This broadly adapted variety offers powdery mildew resistance and great vine strength, especially when deadripe. Beware of competitive claims of their new varieties having “Admiral Quality.” Only DS-Admiral can give you that, so don’t settle for a look-alike that in the end falls short.

Seed Size: Medium
Physiological Maturity: Medium with potential to be quite early
Standability: Very Good