LG Koda

Unauthorized Propogation Prohibited - PVPA 1994 Title V - U.S. Protected Variety 

To be sold by variety name only as a class of certified seed.

LG Koda is our newest green field pea variety to the marketplace. LG Koda was formally known as "LN 1123." This pea offers an excellent dark green color, with a very uniform, round seed. LG Koda is a consistent yielder that has improved agronomics amongst other green field pea varieties. This variety offers resistance to Powdery Mildew, excellent straw strength and high yielding. Resistance to lodging is another great attribute that growers are pleased with. With a long-term success rate at the Carrington Research Extension Center Station, LG Koda offers a very consistent yield over other varieties of green field peas. 

Seed Size: Medium
Physiological Maturity: Medium
Standability: Excellent