Unauthorized Propagation Prohibited - PVPA 2014 – U.S. Protected Variety

To be sold by variety name only as a class of certified seed.

Ginny is a new green pea variety in the quality status as Aragorn. Ginny has the very smooth seed-coat, dark green cotyledons, and improved bleach resistance of Aragorn and therefore fits the market that asks for Aragorn. Ginny’s agronomic advantage for the grower over Aragorn is that it has improved yield, improved standability, and a measure of tolerance to Fusarium root rot. Like Aragorn and Greenwood, Ginny will be handled by key processors in Montana and North Dakota in the “closed loop” system. As with other ProGene varieties this protects the “quality advantage” of the variety through identity preserved handling which in turn can bring a price advantage to the grower.


Seed Size: small
Physiological Maturity: Medium
Standability: Good to Very Good