Unauthorized Propagation Prohibited -PVPA 1994 Title V -U.S. Protected Variety-Pending.

To be sold by variety name only as a class of certified seed.

Durwood will rapidly become known for its excellent standability and harvest ease. Throughout 6 years of testing in Canada and the US Durwood has constantly exhibited this inherent trait. Combined with a yield potential over DS Admiral Durwood will garner its share of the yellow pea market in western ND and MT. Visual quality of the seed is not quite as smooth and round as DS Admiral or SW Midas but it will still work nicely for whole pea bulk markets or fractionation. Seed size is usually between DS Admiral and Mystique. Available in very limited quantities in 2015.  



Seed Size: Medium
Physiological Maturity: -medium- 2 days ealier than mystique
Standability: excellent