Majoret Field Pea

Unauthorized Propagation Prohibited – PVPA 1994 Title V – U.S. Protected Variety

To be sold by variety name only as a class of certified seed.

Majoret is the tried and true “old faithful” of the green pea market. Majoret is best known for its consistent yield, excellent standability and acceptable food quality. This older variety still has some fans in the world trade arena keeping it very marketable. Its tough seed coat and medium seed size have helped to enable Majoret to establish consistent stands in dryer climates. A longer flowering period makes it one of the more yield-stable varieties available.

Seed Size: Medium
Physiological Maturity: Medium
Standability: Good
Adapted Area
As a later seeded variety in Northern ND and MN. No-till, seed early and treat your seed to maximize yields.