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Growing a Garden is about more than producing vegetables it is also an opportunity to improve your soil health. Using a cover crop in your garden will help you improve next year’s planting conditions. It can also help to reduce fertilizer inputs, suppress weeds, cycle nutrients and retain moisture over winter. No matter the size of your garden we are happy to help you be a good steward of the land.

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Garden Mix

Our Garden Mix is designed to provide a living canopy for improving next year’s planting conditions. This mix can be planted anytime during the growing season whether it is prior to planting your garden, while your garden is growing or after you have harvested your produce. We recommend leaving the cover crop canopy standing over winter so it can hold snow to increase soil moisture for the following spring. The inclusion of legumes in the mix will fixate Nitrogen to be released for next year’s garden produce and the grasses will provide biomass to protect against erosion. Having a living crop canopy in your garden will help suppress winter annuals weeds the following spring from competing against your produce for light, water and nutrients.


15% Cowpea, 4 lbs/ac
4% Kale, 1 lb/ac
55% Forage Pea, 15 lbs/ac
11% Annual Ryegrass, 3 lbs/ac
15% Piper Sudangrass, 4 lbs/ac

Amounts are based on percentage of full seeding rate.

Drilled Seeding Rate 0.62 lbs/1000 Ft² (27 lbs/acre)
Planting Depth ½” – ¾” 
Broadcast Seeding Rate 0.78 lbs/1000 Ft² (34 lbs/acre)
Planting Date April to October

This mix requires inoculant.