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Tama USA Net-Wrap & Twine

Tama USA is Netwrap and Polypropylene or Sisal twines for bailing hay, straw and other forage crops. 

Please concact your Pulse USA Salesperson for availability of products and pricing.

  Eco Bull  64" x 7,000'
  Eco Bull  67" x 7,000'
  Eco Bull  64" x 8,000'
  Eco Bull  67" x 8,000'
  Golden Harvest  64" x 7,000'
  Golden Harvest  67" x 7,000'
  Edge to Edge  67" x 7,000'
Plastic Twine    
  Fine  20000/110 SB Orange
  Fine  Clearfield 20000'
  Fine  20000/130DB Orange
  Thick  4000/450 Orange
  Thick  4000/550 Blue
  Thick  4300/550 Blue
  Sisal  9,000'
  Sisal  16,000'


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