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3-lb. tub PROSOAP








Unlike other hand claners, PROSOAP is water-activade. So there's no harsh chemicals to dry out your skin and because a little goes a long way, it's easy on your budget too. Hands down, compared to other cleaners, PROSOAP dies a superior job of removing the dirties, greasiest messes. 

One 3-lb. tub PROSOAP Hand Cleaner with over 800 Hand Washings

PROSOAP Starter Kit








One 3-lb. tub of PROSOAP with Wall Dispenser. 
Over 800 Hand Washings.

Wall Dispenser for PROSOAP








Wall Dispenser for PROSOAP Hand Cleaner fits with 3-lb. tubs (sold seperately).
Reduces wast by dispensing proper amount.