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This year we are celebrating our tenth year of being your “one-stop-shop” for cover crop seed. The cover crop industry has changed and evolved in many ways within the last ten years. At Pulse USA specifically, our strong relationships with plant breeders across the globe have allowed us to add more top-of-the-line species into our cover crop program. We believe in the value of high quality genetics to help you and your farm over common varieties that are in the marketplace. We strive to use each individual cover crop component to create mixes that will address specific goals on your farm. While we are creating these mixes, we will always make sure they are compatible seed sizes and fit for your geography. In an effort to make sure we meet your individual needs, we will continue to provide custom cover crop blends. From planting a cover crop for livestock feed to bringing saline areas back into production, the possibilities begin to seem endless! Cover crops continually prove to be a cost-effective tool to biologically maintain and enhance our environment as we modernize in farming practices. We promise to you and your future generations that we will continue to be your local cover crop leader.   


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Cold Tolerant Trinity

The Trinity mix is designed to help soak up excessive moisture late into the year. The mixture of a legume crop and the deep tap-rooting brassicas will also help you capture and fix some nitrogen. The Trinity mix works well to plant into small grain stubble in preparation for no-till corn; it works great to help break down crop residue. The cold tolerant components of this mix make for excellent growth into the fall and winter months.

Cover Crop Components Pounds/Acre 000’s of Seeds/Acre
Lentils 15 225
Jackhammer™ Radish 2 96
Turnip 1 150
Totals: 18 471



The Grazer is a blend that offers a majority of cool season crops to allow early planting with season-long grazing or later planting for winter-long grazing. The mix offers a balance between cool and warm season grasses, broadleaves, legumes and brassicas to emphasize grazing. The broad range of species also helps to build your overall soil health. 



Cover Crop Components Pounds/Acre 000’s of Seeds/Acre
Forage Pea 12 26
Forage Oat 8 112
Lentil 4 60
Millet 4 320
Annual Clover 1 150
Jackhammer™ Radish 1 48
Turnip 1 150
Totals: 31 866

Grazer 2.0

Components Pounds/Acre 000's of Seeds/Acre
Cowpea 4 16
German Millet 3 450
White Proso Millet 4 320
Radish 1 48
Soybean, non GMO 10 30
Super Sugar Sorghum x Sudangrass 3 60
GW-400 BMR Forage Sorghum (untreated) 2.5 50
Sudangrass 3 132
Purple Top Turnip 1 150
Totals: 31.5 1256



The N-Builder is a blend put together to help enhance Nitrogen and build the overall soil health. The balance of cool and warm season grasses, broadleaves, legumes and brassicas offers a good variety for grazing while improving the soil. 

Cover Crop Components Pounds/Acre 000’s of Seeds/Acre
Forage Pea 12 26
Non GMO Soybeans 4 12
Lentils 4 60
Millet 4 320
Forage Oat 4 56
Turnip 1 150
Jackhammer™ Radish 1 48
Annual Clover 1 150
Totals: 31.3 825


Salt Tolerant

The Salt Tolerant mix is designed to help restore troublesome, low-production, saline areas back into their prime production. The combination of salt tolerant crops in this mix are tried and true, and it continues to help reclaim saline areas. If desired, grazing or haying this mix is an option to get the most “bang for your buck” or leave it standing for wildlife purposes, or snow catch.


Cover Crop Components Pounds/Acre 000's of Seeds/Acre
Barley 8 13
Sudangrass 3 44
Clover 2 275
Rapeseed 1.5 150
Sugarbeet 1 10
Sunflower 0.3 7
Totals: 15.8 499


Small Seeded

The Small Seeded mix is planted at a controlled ½ inch depth in a firm soil bed or try broadcasting it into an existing crop canopy that is approaching maturity. The similar small seed size makes this mix easy to handle. 


Cover Crop Components Pounds/Acre 000’s of Seeds/Acre
Rapeseed 2 300
Annual Ryegrass 2 440
Millet 1.5 120
Jackhammer™ Radish 1 48
Purpel Top Turnip 1 150
Annual Clover 0.5 75
Totals: 8 1133


The Pollinator

"The Pollinator" is a mixture we recently added to our premier blends lineup. We designed this mixture as an annual blend that you can plant in April - June, to allow for proper growth and bloom duration. It has moderate diversity of cool and warm season broad leaves and legumes to allow for season-long flowering late into the season. If you are in need a mixture to help you attract beneficial insects, bees and other pollinators - this is the mix for you. 








Cover Crop Componets Pounds/Acre 000's of Seeds/Acre
Forage Pea 10 35
Cowpea 5 20
Indianhead Lentil 4 72
Faba Bean 4 4.4
Flax 3 240
Sunflower 1 7
Totals: 27 378.4


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