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Wildlife Blends

Pulse USA can provide you with all of your wildlife plot needs! We have several premier blends to choose from, but we can also blend any custom mixture you need! Wildlife mixtures are blended in our warehouse, and can be bagged in any quantity size. For assistance on determining the right amount for your plot; please feel free to contact our office. 


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Clover Wildlife








This small seeded mixture combines the best clover varieties we have to offer. The high nutritional values of this mixture will help your deer grow into a higher class. The similar sized seeds make this another easy one to handle.

Crop Components Pounds/Acre 000's of Seeds/Acre
Crimson Clover 6 900
Red Clover 4 1,100
Yellow Sweetclover 1.4 350
Jackhammer™ Radish 1.5 72
Rapeseed 1.4 210
Totals: 14.3 2,632


Cool Season Wildlife







The Cool Season Wildlife Mix is a good fit for spring or fall planting especially in cooler climates. It's a great source of protein and various nutrients for all types of wildlife. If you plant this in the fall it will work well to hunt over the top of the canopy and give animals something to feed on throughout the winter. 

Crop Components Pounds/Acre 000's of Seed/Acre
Forage Pea 12 150
Forage Oat 10 96
Spring Triticale 10 385
Red Clover 4 72
Turnip 4 184
Totals:  40 887


Crowd Pleaser Wildlife








The Crowd Pleaser mix is sure to satisfy both deer and game birds! We seed this mixture at a higher rate than others to offer substantial feed to your wildlife. Young game birds really enjoy the regrowth from this mixture in the spring. Avid hunters who have tried this mix say, "It's the one to go with!"

Crop Components Pounds/Acre 000’s of Seeds/Acre
Red Clover 1 150
Lentil 4 72
German Millet 5 750
Forage Pea 12 42
Jackhammer™ Radish 1 48
Soybean 5 15
Sorghum/Sudan 5 100
Sunflower 5 35
Totals: 38 1,212

Habitat Wildlife








This mix creates a perfect habitat for game birds with its tall standing plants for cover and the various seeds for forage. The taller crops help hold birds tight in the food plot while you’re hunting. It provides enough seed and forage for birds to feed on during the harsh winters of the north. Using the habitat mix, we’ve watched a nice rooster fly out of our plot every morning. We know this mix works! 

Crop Components  Pounds/Acre 000's of Seeds/Acre
Buckwheat 5 75
Crimson Clover 1 150
German Millet 2.5 375
Forage Oat 2.5 35
Jackhammer™ Radish .5 24
Safflower 1 11
Grain Sorghum 2.5 50
Oil Sunflower 2 14
Spring Triticale 10 120
Purple Top Turnip .5 75
Totals: 27.5 929

Throw & Grow Wildlife










Are you a wildlife enthusiast, with limited access to planting equipment? If so then this is the mixture for you! Our Throw & Grow mix is easy to handle, grows well together and can be broadcasted. Did we mention that wildlife goes crazy for this blend?

Crop Components Pounds/Acre 000’s of Seeds/Acre
Annual Ryegrass 16.4 220
Red Clover 1.3 275
Jackhammer™ Radish 1.3 48
Rapeseed 1.3 150
Totals: 20.3 693

Upland Game










Feed them what they love! The shorter canopy height of this blend makes it easier to hunt from and is best suited for the game bird hunter. 

Crop Components Pounds/Acre 000’s of Seeds/Acre
Red Clover 1.4 385
Indianhead Lentil 4 72
German Millet 2.3 184
Forage Pea 12 42
Jackhammer™ Radish 0.9 43.2
Safflower 3 33
Grain Sorghum 2 40
Sunflower 0.5 3.5
TOTALS: 26.1 802.7