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Food Plot & Wildlife Mixes

Pulse USA can provide you with all of your food plot seed needs. We have several premier blends to choose from, but we can also blend any custom mixture you need! Food plot mixes are blended in our warehouse and can be bagged in 5, 25 and 50 pound increments. For assistance on determining the right amount for your plot; please feel free to contact our office. 


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Clover is our mixture that combines all of the best clovers we offer. It has high nutritional values and is geared to grow your deer into a higher class. It has an extremely small seed size so it is another great fit for broadcasting.


This mix requires inoculant. 

Cool Season

Cool season is our mix fit for planting in cooler temperatures either early in the spring or later in the Fall. It is an excellent source of protein and other nutrients for all types of wildlife. If planted in the Fall it produces a canopy with a height that is nice to hunt over in the winter. And species that will stay green longer so animals have more to feed on come snowfall. 


This mix requires inoculant. 


Crowd Pleaser

Crowd Pleaser is our mix for satisfying both deer and game birds. We seed it at a high rate to offer substantial feed to wildlife. It produces a nice thick stand and young birds really enjoy the re-growth early in the Spring. Our customers say, "It's the one to go with!"


This mix requires inoculant. 


Habitat is our mix that creates a perfect dwelling for game birds with its tall height. It produces a lot of seeds that birds can forage on all winter. The tall species in this mix help to hold birds in the plot while you're hunting. We've planted this mix in our plot at the office and see pheasants and other birds finding shelter in it for months. 


This mix requires inoculant.


Throw & Grow

Throw & Grow is our mix for the hunter that seeks the thrill but has limited access to planting equipment. It's easy to handle and was designed specifically to be broadcasted. Wildlife go crazy for it too. 


This mix requires inoculant.


Upland Game

Upland Game is our blend for the avid bird hunter. It's full of species that they love to feed on and take shelter in. It has a short canopy height for them to nestle in and also makes it easier for the hunter to walk through. 


This mix requires inoculant.