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We have been an inoculant distributor of various brands for a number of years so we have a lot of expertise in this area. We have access to an assortment of brands, formulations and packaging sizes and we offer shipping daily to meet the demands of farmers across the United States. We set ourselves apart from the rest by how much we stress the importance of inoculant because of the pride we take in our seed genetics and products.

What is inoculant? An inoculant is a living micro-organism that gives growing plants access to essential nutrients. They are scientifically created to introduce crop-specific strains of bacteria to seed that infect root hairs and allow plants to fixate Nitrogen. Inoculants prefer moist soils because if exposed to hot and/or dry conditions the micro-organisms can perish. It is important to properly handle inoculants to ensure their success.

How does inoculant work? When inoculants are added to soil or seed, they work to multiply the amount of root hairs. It infects the root hairs causing root cells to swell and forming what are called nodules. Inside these nodules bacteria take atmospheric nitrogen and converts it into a usable plant form. The amount of nitrogen that a pulse crop fixates typically suffices its needs.

How do I know if nodules are active and fixating? It takes approximately 30 days after planting for nodules to produce so first make sure that enough time has passed. Carefully dig up some plants without destroying the roots and rinse them off. Take a small knife and slice the nodules in half to look at their inside color. Use the chart below to determine what each color means for the health of the nodules.

What can I do to ensure the success of my inoculant? Proper management is key. Always store inoculant within the labeled temperature ranges and follow the label for application instructions. Store it free from the elements: rain, freezing and direct sunlight. If you are seed treating and inoculating make sure each specific product is compatible with the other. Pay close attention to calibration on your equipment and always use inoculant before its expiration date.

Under ideal environmental conditions the different inoculant formulations may be equally effective. However, as unfavorable weather occurs, an inoculants performance can be significantly impacted. No matter the formulation it is always important to ensure that the inoculant is managed properly, and the seed is planted as soon as possible after application. Remembering these key management practices will optimize your benefit potential and is a great way to help manage your time and investment for the growing season.

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