Board Members

Mark Stiegelmeier - Secretary

Mark Stiegelmeier

  • President:
  • Email: Mark

Mark farms and focuses on certified seed production. He is a past chairman on the Walworth Co. Crop Improvement Association, SD Pulse Growers Association, and the SD Pulse Council. He also owns a seed services business that sells corn and soybean seed. He currently lives in Selby, SD with his wife Becky. Mark is a proud father of six with many grandchildren.

Mike Zook - Vice President

Mike Zook

  • Vice President:
  • Email: Mike

Mike Zook is Vice President. Mike's love of farming keeps him extremely busy. Mike resides in Beach with his wife, Leah, and their two children. The priorities on which Mike remains focused are wildlife and soil conservation on his farm.

Mark Becker - Associate Member

Mark Becker

  • Secretary:
  • Email: Mark

Mark Becker resides on the home farm near McHenry, North Dakota. Mark and his wife, Lisa, have raised two children on the home farm. Mark and his brother, Tim, run a grain and livestock operation together. Both of Mark’s children will be proud North Dakota State University graduates in the near future. Mark also studied at NDSU, and graduated from the Agriculture program. Mark is currently on the local Coop board, township board, church board, and a past Man-Dak Zero Till board member. Becker Farms has been no-till since 2000. In his spare time he enjoys fishing and attending NDSU football games, go Bison!

Paul Berntson - President

Paul Berntson

  • Treasurer:
  • Email: Paul

Paul resides in Adams, ND on the Bernston Seed Farm growing wheat, peas, and barley. He graduated from NDSU in 1972 with a degree in Agriculture. He is a past president of the Dry Pea and Lentil Council, and is presently on the Northern Pulse Growers Association. He is also a proud father of three, grandfather and an avid NDSU Bison fan.

Dwight Johnson

Dwight Johnson

  • Member at Large:
  • Email: Dwight

Dwight is a third generation farmer who lives on the original homestead that has been in the family for over 100 years. Dwight has been a school board member, township officer, Immanuel church board member, Prairie Rose Parish board member, and he was on the original board that formed the ND Pea & Lentil Association. Dwight’s farm started direct seeding in 1993 and has been 100% No-till since 2002. Dwight and his wife Patty have four children three girls and one boy with three of them being directly involved with the farm.

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